“If you’re going to win a championship,

you have to win games that go any kind of way.”

Tony Dungy


Can you tell me a bit about the Midget Colts?


As a member of the COLTS you will be exposed to a high intensity and highly competitive level of football. The Midget Colts are a dedicated group of Athletes (from Grade 9 up to Grade 11) and Coaches who put their heart and soul into the game of football. Every participant – players, coaches, staff, parents, and families – of our club play an essential role in the success of the team.

As leaders we want to instill pride, integrity and honesty both on and off the field. As Players we answer for our actions by our reputation. This game challenges us to excel physically, mentally and socially. This is an extraordinary team sport that builds great strength of character under the right mentorship.


The MIDGET level runs under the Calgary and Area Midget Football Association (CAMFA). Their website is: www.site1451.goalline.ca  Check it out, there is much information on it… league info, boundary map, game schedule, rules & regulations…etc.

What is expected from me as a player?


Football is a demanding sport. Demanding of the player’s physical body as well as demanding of their time. Expectant Player’s should already be preparing physically and mentally for the upcoming season. Players must come to tryouts and practices ready to work hard. Coaches will be looking for; football skills, speed and balance, athleticism and coachability. Your coachability is shown in your attitude, effort, dedication and sportsmanship.


Be prepared… Coaches may ask you to play or try various positions, even those not familiar to you. Remember, the Coaches are putting together a winning team and they may feel you could excel in the new position or they may be testing your coachability. Either way… GO FOR IT! You only hurt your own chances if you don’t try.


If a Player repeatedly misses practices, fails to turn in Registration Forms or displays a questionable attitude; that individual will be asked to turn in their equipment and will NOT be a member of the 2012 Midget Colts. Please see the CAMFA website for their Player Conduct rules, as well as those for Coaches and Parents.

How much playing time will I have?


We are continually evaluating players throughout the Football Season. Our Coaching Staff will continue to promote the players best suited through their demonstrated performance and attitude ahead of the players who will require further development. It is our priority to ensure that all players get playing time in games relative to their developmental stages. The decision of who plays or when and where a player plays is at the sole discretion of our Coaching Staff. The Coaching Staff is under the direct leadership of the Head Coach. Decisions will always be made in the best interests of the Colts program, the Colts Team and the Colts Player.


“It is a reality of life that men are competitive and

 the most competitive games draw the most competitive men.

That’s why they are there – to compete.

To know the rules and objectives when they get in the game.

The object is to win fairly, squarely, by the rules – but to win.” 

      -Vince Lombardi



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